Division of Nursing Application for Admission
Associate Degree Nursing Program
Instructions for Application
In order to be considered for admission into the Associate Degree Nursing Program, all requirements must be completed and submitted by June 1.  Applications that are incomplete will not be considered for admission.  Items required are the online nursing application, official transcripts from each school attended.  Please refer to the Admission Requirements.
  1. Mail all application documents to:
    The University of West Alabama
    Division of Nursing
    Station 28
    Livingston, AL  35470

  2. Applicants who have not attended The University of West Alabama are to complete the UNDERGRADUATE APPLICATION for ADMISSION to the university.

  3. ALL applicants must complete the ONLINE APPLICATION for NURSING.

  4. ALL applicants must have one official transcript sent from each school other than The University of West Alabama to the Division of Nursing (address above #1) AND one official transcript from each school other than The University of West Alabama sent to the Office of Admissions, The University of West Alabama, Station 4, Livingston, AL  35470.

  5. Deadline for completed application is June 1 of each year.


Applicants for admission to the nursing program, in addition to meeting all requirements for admission to the University, must:

  1. Have a 3.0 grade point average in required general education courses English 1, Anatomy and Physiology (BY 231 or BY 232), Psychology (PY 100 or PY 310), and a fine art or humanity for the nursing curriculum.  Only one general education course may be retaken once for a higher grade.

  2. Have a 75% on the HESI (Health Systems, Inc.) A2 (Admission Assessment).  The entrance exam can only be taken two times in one twelve month period to achieve a score of 75.

  3. Application deadline is June 1.  Only completed applications will be considered for admission.  Applicants may be conditionally admitted pending receipt of fall grades.


Online Application Process

Step 1 Click on the link below.

Step 2 Fill in the application information and submit.

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