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Mailing Addresses

Mailing addresses of faculty/staff at UWA:

  • Use the campus directory to locate the faculty or staff member's Station Number.

  • The mailing address for John Doe at Station 200 would be:

John Doe
UWA, Station 200
Livingston, AL 35470

Mailing addresses of students are not available

For information about a major, a degree, housing, a catalog, scholarships, financial aid, application for admission, or a campus tour, contact:

For information about transcript requests, contact:

For information or comments about our web pages, contact:

Phone Numbers for UWA

  • 1-888-636-8800   (Admissions Office)
  • 1-800-621-8044
  • 205-652-3400
  • 205-652-3522(FAX)
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